Self-introduction~Who is DJ DAI?~

Hello, everyone. My name is DJ DAI from OKAYAMA DJ SCHOOL.
Thank you for visiting our blog.

I was born and raised KURASHIKI OKAYAMA JAPAN.

When I was 18 years old, I was influenced by HIROSHI FUJIWARA who is pioneer of Japanese Ura-Harajuku fashion.(Ura-Hara fashion means street fashion of Tokyo.)

At that time, he introduced PUNK music and Hardcore music in a magazin interview, so I was interested in these music.

Then, I bought turntable and PUNK music’s record and Hardcore music’s record, and I played these music on my own.

One day, I dorped by SHIMAMURA Music instrument store, and I saw store clerk was scratching on the turntable. The appearance was so cool, that I started going to DJ SCHOOL of SHIMAMURA Music instrument store.

My teacher was DJ TERU, who got 4th place in the 2000 VESTAX World DJ Champion ship. He was a very wonderful teacher.

I had no knowledge of DJ and I was quite clumsy, but I was kept going to DJ school for a year.

I practiced very hard and one year later, I could play in a club.
Since then, I hold a lot of event and invited a lot of amazing artists such as DJ KIREEk, K.U.D.O, YOU THE ROCK★, DJKEN-BO,DJ TAIJI.

My specialty music genre is HIPHOP.
I can play widely HIPHOP music from mainstream to old school. Furthermore, Rnb, HOUSE, REGGAE, FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, JAZZY HIPHOP,ROCK and so on.
When I DJing, I play these music interspersed with beat juggling and many kinds of scraches.

In 2017, I set up OKAYAMA DJ SCHOOL and started teaching.

When we hold Work shop, we invited many amazing DJ’s those who represent Japan-DJ KEN-BO,DJ YUTO(2016 DMC World Campion),DJ TAIJI(rom KOBE RevolveR DJ SCHOOL),DJ 宮島(from宮島塾,who participated 2002 DMC World ),DJ DOM-AUTO(from SDC,second place of 2016 IDA World)

In 2020, I started YOUTUBE channel how to DJing for beginners and this blog.

I like fashion and fighting sport.I love Ura-Harajuku fashion and sneakers. I enjoy doing fighting sport on weeekends.
It was very fun when I DJ’d fighting sport match.

I will help you can more enjoyable music through DJ.
DJing is wonderful because you can connect with people around the world even if you don’t understand foreign languages.
Let’s go out into the world through DJing!!!

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